As always: To register for any/all of the competitions, for details or for specific questions, email Joel Gordon at or Errin Stanger at

Giant Settlers of Catan

Giant Settlers of Catan

Play Settlers of Catan on a large scale! We have created a giant version of this popular game and will be playing all day at Maker Faire. Sign up online or just show up. You can play with friends or a team of friendly strangers.

Sign up to play Catan!

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All day – Mini 3-D Printed Diorama


We are always wanting to print bigger – here’s an event that’s all about smaller. Print a 3D figure to decorate our 4’ X 8’ Diorama!

We are building a world, our world will have land, water, mountains, fields and a space for a city. Please print figures and objects to populate our world! We love houses, farm implements, water creatures, animals of all kinds, people and robots!

Whatever you decide our world needs, it shall have! You can download and use stock 3D figures (they don’t have to be originals). In terms of scale, adult human figures should be around 3 inches tall. Pieces may be no larger than 8 inches in any direction, unless you’re 3D printing Godzilla (GZ should be no more than 12” tall, someone please print Godzilla!).
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1 pm – Power Tool Drag Racing


It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Contestants will construct a racer utilizing a corded power tool. Here is a video to inspire you:

Please note: Our track is 13” wide.

That said, build your racer no more than 12.5  inches wide or you will hate yourself. That’s the voice of experience. Your power tool must be a corded 110-volt power tool, no exceptions.
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All day – Catapult/Trebuchet for Accuracy


Perfect your skills in medieval siege engine accuracy.

Contestants will fling their winged projectile (provided by us) at a tower of sticks. Contestants get 3 attempts to knock over said tower.

Disclaimer: This family fun activity should not be confused with any game utilizing avian projectiles to knock down towers that may or may not be guarded by taunting swine. The creators of said game should, in no way, be confused with any other game creators who may have a really successful, commercially available game. Any creators of said game are fictitious and any resemblance to other individuals, alive or dead, is purely coincidental.
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Various times – Robot Battle!

Robot Battle

Try your skills at the robot battle arena! Two bots enter, one bot leaves. If you can’t run with the big bots, stay in the lab.

Battle schedule: 11 – 11:30 am, 12 – 12:30 pm, 1 – 1:30 pm, 2 – 2:30 pm, and 3 – 3:30 pm
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